Under His Eye

What’s happening to womens’ rights here in this country is incredibly alarming. I graduated from high school in 1972… one year before Roe v Wade became law.

I *lived* with the constant fear (as did almost every other girl) that I would get pregnant somehow (rape, date rape, whatever) and my only choices would be to have an illegal abortion or have a baby at 15, 16, or 17. I remember that exact thing happening to several girls at my school… sudden mysterious disappearances of several girls (particularly a very popular cheerleader).

It was terrifying. Sure, there are condoms – but even used properly, condoms break or slip off. I got birth control pills from Planned Parenthood when I was 18 and in college – and even the Pill can fail if used improperly or you somehow skip a day.

No woman is “in favor of abortion”… no, we hate it, and we do everything we can in order to avoid having to have one. But shit happens. Rape happens. Broken condoms happen. “Stealthing” happens (Have you heard of this? It’s when the man sneakily slips off the condom in order to “have more pleasure.”) Ectopic pregnancies happen. Miscarriages happen (and they’re in the process of being criminalized now). Babies with horrible deformities (no brain, exposed spinal cord, etc. etc.) who have no chance of living happen. Women get sick – diabetes, preeclampsia (killer high blood pressure that can cause heart attacks and strokes). It happens. Babies dying in utero and becoming toxic happens (women die of sepsis if that dead tissue is not removed).

You’ll pardon me for being blunt: men squirt and walk away, and then they don’t think twice about it. These laws do NOT hold men accountable for any pregnancies they cause. Why is that? Why aren’t men who get a woman pregnant forced by law to pay that woman’s medical expenses through her pregnancy – and then support that child with mandatory child support until it’s 18?

Why are the Republicans in Congress so dead set on overturning Obamacare? Why do they want to take medical insurance/care away from millions of Americans – including pregnant women? Why? Why are they constantly opining that anyone who is unemployed, anyone who is poor, anyone who can’t afford to feed their children are moochers who want to sit on their asses all day – or worse, tout that racist cliche about “welfare queens in their pink Cadillacs” (thanks, Reagan) – which we all know is codespeak for women of color…? Why?? Why are they trying to take away healthy school lunches and ending programs that provide a free hot lunch to poor children…? Why?

I ask you: do all those things above sound “pro-life” to you? No, they sure as hell don’t. It sounds like forced birth, reducing women to property (again) and making them second class citizens… in other words, about controlling women.

I’m not in favor of abortions. No, they shouldn’t happen – because there should be quality sex education in schools, and free birth control available for all sexually active people. I’m not in favor of abortions. BUT… every woman must have the right to choose for herself. Women must own their own bodies. The bottom line on these laws is that a living woman has fewer rights than a corpse. That’s right. Dead women have more rights than living women if these laws are passed. Don’t believe me? LOOK IT UP.

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