Open Season on Young Black Men

Last night, George Zimmerman was found “not guilty” of the murder of Trayvon Martin. I firmly believe that if the situation was reversed, and George Zimmerman was black, he would currently be serving a life sentence in a hellhole like Pelican Bay.

But I’d like to try something different, and this is specifically aimed at those white mothers of 17 year old boys who are telling themselves this morning that justice was served, that Trayvon was a hoodlum and a thug and deserved what he got and that George Zimmerman got a fair trial and the verdict is just.

So, you hypothetical white woman (and I happen to know a specific woman in Arizona who fits the above description to a tee, including the teenaged honor student son), let’s get started, ask some questions, and set a different scene, shall we?

You’re a white woman. You have a 17 year old son. Let’s call him Terry. It’s a winter night in February, around 7p.m., and Terry asks if he can walk down to the 7-11 to get a can of his favorite soda and a bag of M&M’s before the football game starts.

You say yes. Hey – it’s a safe neighborhood, and it’s only 7p.m. So 17 year old Terry puts on his hoodie – because it’s raining out – and takes off.

Terry gets to the 7-11, buys his can of Coke and his bag of M&Ms and he’s on his way back, talking to his girlfriend on the phone, when he notices a black guy in a pickup truck following him – the guy isn’t just passing by; no, the guy has slowed down and is creeping along, pacing the your son.

So, understandably, your son gets scared – who is this guy following him?? So he turns off down a short cut and starts running, hoping he can get away. When he comes out the other end of the short cut, the guy in the truck is still there, stopped and waiting.

In the meantime, the guy has called 911 and reported an “effing punk” who is maybe “on drugs” and “up to no good.” The 911 operator tells him they’re sending a police car and asks him to stop following the kid, because they’ll handle it. The guy mutters something about how “these assholes – they always get away” and, in spite of what the 911 operator has just told him, he jumps out of his truck and runs after your son.

Now your son’s really and truly scared. He’s unsure of what to do. At this point, the guy is coming toward him — a big black guy, weighs around 200 pounds – who outweighs your son by about 60 pounds. He comes toward Terry and demands in a loud voice, “What are you doing here? Who the hell are you?” Maybe he has his right hand behind his back reaching for something (a loaded gun with a chambered round), but Terry can’t really see, because it’s dark and it’s raining.

Your son freaks out – he has no idea who this guy is, he’s full of adrenaline from fear, so he perhaps reacts badly and punches the guy in the nose, hoping to get away. The guy tackles him. They roll around on the ground. Your son starts screaming “HELP ME!! HELP ME!!!”

Then there’s a single gunshot, and your 17 year old son is now lying on the wet grass, dead, shot through the heart at close range.

The black man gets up, wipes off his hands, tucks away his gun and hangs out until the police show up, and then explains how he was totally justified in shooting your unarmed 17 year old son – because your son attacked him and he was in fear of his life.

The police totally buy his story, pat him on the back, take him down the local police department, where he’s given a friendly interview and the police simply take his word for what happened and let him go. Yeah, the kid was a thug and probably a drug dealer and the guy did the right thing.

So, as the mother of this 17 year old white kid, an honor student in high school, would you feel that this black man would have been justified in killing him?

I DARE you to say yes. I fucking dare you.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Well done, Annie. I’d love to see the answers.


  2. Your voice against injustice makes all the difference in the world to me right now with coping with this hellacious tragic verdict.

    And the greater tragedy is people who justify and outright deny George Zimmerman committed murder.

    What a somber reality.


  3. Posted by leftsideannie on July 14, 2013 at 8:53 pm

    Well, someone just called me a “loser leftist pig”… does that count?


  4. Love your thoughts, I asked myself these same questions while the farce known as a prosecution was taking place. As a bi-racial woman with a 22 year old son I feel I can honestly say, IT WOULD NEVER GO DOWN THIS WAY IN FLORIDA (or in any other red state especially those in the south). But that was the whole point of your diatribe, wasn’t it? I shared this on my FB page so that others could read your astute analogy, and benefit from it. Thanks for writing it. Thanks for opening eyes.


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