The Angry and Murderous Right

Neal Boortz, his death is on your head

byDante Atkins


I read this article from the Daily Kos this morning. It included a long and angry tirade from Neal Boortz about the “urban thugs” (read that black people) who have overrun Atlanta and how good and decent (read that white) people should be ready to fill them full of lead to rescue Atlanta and make it livable again.

It made me want to puke.

Why is the right wing in this country so overflowing with hatred? Neal Boortz. Rush Limbaugh. Glenn Beck. Paul Ryan. Sean Hannity. Ann Coulter. Pamela Gellar. Michelle Malkin. Bill O’Reilly. Members of Congress are now openly racist – and we’re not even shocked anymore.

It’s a shamefully long list – and we have allowed these hatemongers an almost unimited venue in which to spew their venom into our lives: FOX “News.” AM talk radio. Even the internet is being used by the likes of Glenn Beck and Alex Jones to infect their audience with the hate virus.

They have their roots in the KKK and the John Birch Society – both blatantly racist organizations with blood on their hands. After 9/11, these same cynical haters have added Muslims to their ‘enemies list.’  And now?

The haters on the airwaves have recruited – and continue to recruit – an army of unhinged, angry racist white people, telling them that they are an endangered species, that they are being persecuted simply because they are white and Christian, and feeding them ever more hysterical and lurid stories of welfare queens squirting out armies of terror babies, of rapists and killers and takers and moochers who are lurking out there behind every bush – ready to break down their front doors, rape and kill their wimmenfolk and steal their flatscreen TVs.  They are being taught that every brown or black face, every person with a “funny” name, and millions of fiendish socialist commie baby-killing race-traitors (aka “liberals” and “progressives”) are the vanguard of Kenyan Muslim Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama’s crack shock troops – with a secret and sinister agenda to take their guns away and imprison them in FEMA concentration camps and to drown the real America in a sea of brown faces.

Now, after years of this ever-rising flood of hatred and hysteria, these angry, fearful and persecuted white people and Christian martyr-wannabes are quivering with desire to own their very own assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, so they can elist in the army of the righteous – and pull that trigger and bag themselves an “urban thug” or a “moocher.”

…Just as George Zimmerman did when he shot Trayvon Martin for the crime of Walking While Black and Phillip Sailors did on January 28, 2013 to an innocent young man for the crime of pulling into the wrong driveway. Both of these men claimed they were “in fear of their lives” – an excuse that has become as flimsy as wet toilet paper.

Because of people like Neal Boortz and others like him who preach to those armies of paranoid white people like Zimmerman and Sailors that they are entitled to grab their guns and pull the trigger any old time they want to… and no matter how innocent the victims, they are entitled to claim that they feared for their lives.

That’s pure racist bullshit – and it needs to stop. Zimmerman and Sailors should both receive the maximum sentence for first degree murder, as should every over-zealous shooter who kills someone simply because they feel threatened. That is not acceptable. If it were me? I’d like to prosecute every rightwing hatemonger for inciting murder, and for their sentence? Put them all on a deserted island with plenty of guns – and let them kill each other.


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