Gun Control = Baby Killing? Whut?

I received a comment on my last post here from @FredricDelmais. I normally don’t comment on the hatemail I get, but since Mr. Demais took the trouble to track me down from Twitter to hate on me, I am making an exception in his case. And, no, I’m not going to post it and yes, I’m going to name him and shame him, because his comment was not only incredibly stupid – it’s more. This stupid comment encapsulates the conservative mind.

Yes, Mr. Delmais believes that because I want sensible gun laws, including banning assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, I somehow morph into a babykiller. Yes, he accused me of killing thousands and thousands of babies. Mr. Delmais has constructed a tenuous web of “wingnut logic” – comparing controlling guns and promoting gun safety with abortion. And voila, because I support sensible gun laws AND reproductive choice for women, I have morphed into a babykiller.


I’ve never killed anyone. I’ve never had an abortion – hell, I’ve never even been pregnant. So where are all these babies I have killed?

They exist only in the deluded, sick, angry, feverish mind of a Rush-addled, Dobson-spouting, God-Hates-Fags cheerleader like Mr. Delmais.

Weapons-grade stupid, my friends. Beware of it.


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  1. Posted by Jenny on December 21, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    The feeling in mutual. I was called a child killer because I supported Obama, who is sending drones overseas. Well, I don’t support that and I don’t agree 100% of what he does.


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