Yay for Freedom!!

I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday, when Looney Gomert came on the teevee and earnestly asserted that if teachers in schools were given assault weapons, “those precious babies wouldn’t have died.”

I very nearly lost it; my throat closed up, my eyes started tearing and I felt a wash of red anger come over me as I repeated what he said – that we should arm teachers! Teachers, in classrooms full of little kids with freaking ASSAULT RIFLES???? OMG. That is literally *the* most insane thing I have ever heard. I wanted to scream.

And yesterday, when I went to the movies – I had the thought “what if a gunman picks *this* theatre for his killing field?”

This is madness. Are we to be afraid everywhere we go? Are our schools going to become armed camps with barbed wire and guard towers – simply because these rightwing Ted-Nugent-worshiping lunatics demand the right to be armed with high powered weapons solely designed to kill people – LOTS of people?? Are we all to be forced to be afraid every time we go to the mall, the grocery store – even a freaking hospital – because somewhere – everywhere – there is unquestionably someone with mental health issues or a burning macho desire to be a vigilante carrying a concealed weapon and an itchy trigger finger??

Our kids are being put through intruder drills at school – where they practice hiding silently so whatever madman with a gun stalking through the halls can’t hear them.

And all because these bloody-minded idiots demand that they have the right to be armed to the freaking teeth and that any sort of regulation is anathema and infringes upon their “freedoms”… Well, Nancy Lanza paid the ultimate price for her prized 2nd Amendment “freedoms” – her mentally ill son killed her with her own guns, and then went on to kill 26 more innocent children and heroic teachers before he killed himself.

Yay for freedom.


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  1. Posted by oldchathambob on December 22, 2012 at 6:35 am

    Hey Annie! Great essay. I got thnking about things. I’ve been battling a ring wing 2nd amendment teacher nut job who is in my old union. So I said to myself what would I have to do to help this asshole become a gun totin’ teacher. Here’s my thought process in essay form. Feel free to use it!


    I am a union thug. No, really, I am one of those people frequently referred to by management as “the union’s hired gun.” I negotiate contracts between the union and the employer on behalf of the employees. After Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association offered the idea of a “national school shield” program I decided to look at this as an opportunity for the teachers and other employees I might represent. What would be the terms and conditions I would negotiate for these union staff members that would be trained “weapon authorized person” (henceforth to be referred to as W.A.P.)?

    Where to begin? Well let’s start with how many WAPs we need. As a union thug I want as many of these people as possible because I want the members to have the opportunity to become one. (Warning… any time you hear a union thug use the term “opportunity” be ready to lose money.) I think one per every 50 students sounds pretty good. That’s roughly one for every two classes.

    Now I am going to make sure these people are trained as well as a law enforcement officer. That means they will need advance training not only on how to use a firearm assigned to them but also to increase their reaction time, train their brains to filter out distraction and not focus only on the target, to be deadly accurate and efficient. That will mean they will need to attend required, ongoing training and time at the firing range. Minimally, they would need to receive the same skill training and retainment as a law enforcement officer. This will also mean a membership to the gun club and thus the corresponding NRA membership the gun club requires.

    Let’s get to the equipment and I will require the employer to provide the money for its purchase. Obviously they need a weapon. This will be an interesting debate. Many people think handguns would be the weapon of choice. Ask a law enforcement officer or gun expert and you might get a different response. The goal of the WAP is to stop the “bad guy”. That means shotgun. But we will have to negotiate whatever weapon and I will be going with choice by the WAP, not management assignment. We will have to negotiate care and upkeep, storage and purchasing of enough ammunition to allow for both practice and an event. I also will want to negotiate protection equipment thus tactical gear the same as a SWAT team member or minimally, a bullet proof vest. I also want clothing that will identify the WAP for law enforcement that can be put on in a hurry.

    The WAP will be putting their life in the line of fire. Thus I will bargain life insurance to cover the potential loss of life of the WAP and the impact on the WAP’s family. The employer will have to carry liability insurance should a WAP injure or kill a “good guy” and will have to hold the WAP harmless if they are attempting to carry out their responsibility but make a mistake.

    We will also need to negotiate the disarming of a WAP once they withdraw from the position.

    Considering all of that what would be an appropriate stipend for the WAP? That will take a lot of research. But I can tell you schools are pretty cheap but I am going to push to pay for all the time required to train and practice as well as the intangible of what a dead WAP is worth.

    So sure, let’s employ the NRA School Security Shield idea. We union thugs love challenging bargaining.


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