Yesterday at the OK Corral, aka Clackamas Town Center Mall

Regarding the shooting yesterday at that mall in Oregon…first of all, my sincere condolences go out to the victims and their families. My thoughts also go to the young lady who is now fighting for her life in the hospital and to her family and friends.

Another mass shooting…and once again, predictably, there were idiots all over Twitter nattering about their 2nd Amendment rights and pontificating about “this is why everyone should have a gun”…

The shooter had on a bullet-proof vest and had some kind of semi-automatic weapon. He opened fire in that crowded mall, full of holiday shoppers and kids there hanging out after school. The man yelled, “I’m the shooter!” and started firing his weapon in the food court, which of course, sparked a panic; people started running every direction, screaming, trampling each other, parents trying to grab their kids who had been seeing Santa…

And these morons dare say that “if everyone had a gun, this wouldn’t have happened”…

Well, I beg to differ.
It’s bad enough that any nutjob with a credit card or a wad of cash can get his hands on an assault weapon and 6,000 rounds and easily be able to purchase body armor (hey, that’s FREEDOM, baby!!) – but can you imagine the scene, say, if two or three wannabe heroes whip out their own Glocks and started firing?
Perhaps these wannabe heroes are pretty decent shots in the calm and no-pressure environment of a gun range – but in a public place where someone is actually shooting to kill? The adrenaline is going to be off the charts – and most assuredly, so is their aim. I know how I get when I’m scared to death – my hands shake so badly I couldn’t even write my name, much less aim and shoot a gun – and, of course, to be calm and collected enough to find the correct person at which to aim in the pandemonium of that running, screaming, shoving crowd.

Three people died in the mall, and a fourth is in critical condition – imagine yourself there, in the midst of that chaos with shots echoing everywhere and panicked people running, screaming and shoving you – and you know there’s a crazy with a big gun with real bullets shooting up the place; you don’t know where he is, or whether there are more gunmen or even where the bullets are coming from — and then, suddenly, two or three MORE gunmen start shooting wildly at anyone they believe is the shooter – and take into account the fact that they might just shoot each other in the mistaken belief that that person they see with a gun might be the shooter. More shots, gunfire in all directions… I get the cold shivers just imagining that nightmare.Just the fact that there are random crazies out there, busily stockpiling assault rifles and extra large ammunition clips while spewing their rage-fueled manifestos blaming the government, the Muslims, the gays, the atheists, the Black Panthers, their boss – you name it –  is frightening enough And the thought of one of these random crazies showing up at the local mall, movie theatre or public place sends shivers down my spine – but damn, I gotta say, the thought of that random crazy AND a bunch of ordinary guys suddenly whipping out their concealed weapons and shooting wildly in every direction scares me even more.

I don’t know about you, but I do NOT want every public place to become the freaking OK Corral with hordes of testosterone-fueled macho men packing heat and just itching to pull the trigger and be a hero.

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  1. Well said, Annie.

    All this “everyone should have a gun” nonsense makes me remember a young man who was on the scene of the Gabby Giffords mass shooting. He was being interviewed by someone on MSNBC, and he was clearly shaken. He said he ran up to the scene with his hand on his sidearm, ready to shoot the man who was standing near Giffords holding the gun. For some reason, he took his hand off his gun. Later he found out the man holding the gun was one of Giffords’ staff, having taken it off the shooter. He physically began shaking as he said that he’d almost shot an innocent man. Then, almost as if he just remembered his script, he started going on about gun rights, personal freedom, yada yada.

    We do not live in the friggin’ wild west, we are not being stalked as food by wild animals, and most people have not been the victim of any crime outside their own home. I currently live in the crappiest neighborhood I’ve ever lived in, and it has never occurred to me that I need a gun, because I refuse to live my life in fear. I’ve found that fearful people are the most dangerous — just like cornered animals.


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