Paul Ryan, Prom Queen

Well, the Tea Party has once again twisted Mitt Romney’s arm hard to the right and forced him to pick Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate. I’m sure he didn’t want to do it; Ryan is the wunderkind of the teabaggers, and now Ryan is going to be the adored prom queen at Mittens’ prom, while Mittens will be relegated to the role of third wheel – in his own campaign. A similar thing happened when McCain was forced to pick Sarah Palin to shore up his faltering campaign, which must have made Grampy McGrumpy grind his teeth in frustration. I’m sure we can expect to see a lot more of Mittens with that frozen smile on this face, those “deer in the headlight” eyes and, if you look closely, a few muscles jumping in his jaw. This must drive him crazy to know that the Republicans hate him, because after all, it’s his turn! I think he truly believes that, in the way only the truly privileged can believe. He has paid his dues – literally – and now, it’s his turn. It’s his turn, doggone it!!! (Mormons don’t swear.)

This betrayal by the hard right must be eating him up inside.

It will be interesting to observe Mittens in the 80+ days to come until November 6th. I believe he’s going to become more and more chuckly and “Look at me – I’m severely conservative too!!!” desperate, and he’ll say more and more outrageous things in a flailing attempt to woo his insane far-right base. He’ll run even harder – against himself. It isn’t so hard to predict that relative newcomer Ryan will say the things that teabaggers will adore, like worshipful paeans to Ayn Rand and touting his “immoral budget” (thanks, Catholic bishops!), but that will horrify the rest of us sane folks.

More immediately obvious and dangerous, Romney and his new wunderkind Veep pick want desperately to repeal Obamacare and destroy Medicare. All the good that Obamacare has done already will be destroyed. Kids? You’re back off your parents’ policies and back out on your own. Unemployed and disabled folks? No insurance for you – unless you can cough up $500-1,500 per month for a policy that covers nothing except a major medical emergency — and that’s only if you don’t have a pre-existing condition; otherwise, fuggeddaboudit. Poor women? Oh, Mittens & Co. are going to get rid of Planned Parenthood – there go your free mammograms and cancer screenings and even your contraception. Oh, you don’t need the Pill, you slut – now get back in the kitchen and pump out babies!! If you get breast or ovarian cancer, well, honey, that’s just too bad, isn’t it? You should have bought insurance!!

What’s going to happen to the rest of us? It’s not only seniors with pre-existing conditions, you know. Quite a few of us have them. Children have them. Cancer survivors have them. I have a pre-existing condition. I’m also too young for Medicare – oh well, that’s OK; I can wait another 8 or so years to go to the doctor; I’m sure R&R will give me a voucher that might cover a few months of catastrophic medical coverage. Maybe. If I’m lucky.

This means that, when you strip it right down to the bare bones, anyone who is poor will not be able to purchase insurance. Period. That means that the sickest among us will die and/or burden the emergency system until it collapses. Under R&R, they won’t put any money into shoring up the hospitals (“We have the best healthcare in the world!!!!!”), so Americans are going to start dying of curable diseases – just like they do in third world countries.

The tax system will be skewed so far toward the rich that even the hardest working, poorest families will pay a higher tax rate than the rich – who will be given more and more and more of our resources. But hey, we can’t possibly be poor if we have a working refrigerator, right? What are we complaining about? We have a fridge! Most of us have a TV and a phone! So, damn, how can we possibly be poor? So stop whining, ya slackers – and get a job! Hell, get four jobs!!

We the People will become a nation of serfs. Mittens and the Prom Queen will shove us right back to the days of the Gilded Age, where the rich were kings and the rest of us were peasants.

That’s the world they long to create – with the help of their imbecilic LIV stooges – you know the ones – they are the idiots wearing tea bags on their hats, who routinely vote against their own interests because the GOP tells them to cling to their Bibles and their guns. They won’t notice how lousy their lives have become until it’s too late, because they’ll be too busy shooting anyone who doesn’t agree with them and those baby-killing abortion doctors, keeping them icky gays from gettin’ married, making sure no woman is allowed to control her own body, killin’ Mooslums to protect us from Sharia law – and making damned sure we all attend church on Sunday morning!!

If that happens, I swear I’ll find a way to get the hell out of here, because I’m an atheist – oh, and they’re gonna make damned sure I pay for my crime of spittin’ in the Baby Jesus’ face!

In the meantime, I”m going to work my ass off to make sure it doesn’t happen. And I strongly urge you to do the same. Now get busy – get registered to vote. Get out there and register other people to vote. Spread the word about their true agenda – even if they don’t listen, keep laying out the facts — some of it will inevitably get through. Don’t get discouraged – get mad – and fight back.


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