Aurora, CO

I’m sure you’ve all heard the story by now. James Holmes entered a crowded theatre in Aurora, Colorado about 20 minutes after the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” had started. Twelve people are dead and 59 people are wounded, including a 6 year old girl and a 3 month old baby.

There are a lot of strong feelings about this incident. The teabaggers have blamed it on not enough guns and a Jesus deficit – and they’ve also tried to pin it on the Occupy movement.

Being a lefty, and in the wake of a rising tide of domestic violence from various right wing/anti-abortion groups, and that guy driving around with Michael Savage’s books suggesting that liberals need to be killed, my first – and wholly excusable – thought was that the guy might be another of the Limbaugh/Beck/Savage/Hannity wingnuts.

The media (of course) went straight for the Muslim terrorist thing – the first article I read commented that the FBI had ruled out Islamic terrorism. Of course, the article said nothing about possible right wing extremism, because that’s something the media does not report on here in America.

All that said, of course it’s premature to say that guy was a full frontal RWNJ. However, I think the circumstantial evidence, i.e., Aurora being snuggled into a gun-mad red state and endowed with the fertile soil for rightwing extremism created in megachurches, means that the odds are good enough that I’d take that bet. In other words, with all of Rush Limbaugh’s recent Bane/Bain idiocy, coupled with the other factors I mentioned, I believe that there are good odds that the guy IS a RWNJ.

I’m angry about this; angry that a whole lot of innocent people are dead. Angry that the NRA rules over our Congress to the point where even the mildest and most logical gun control regulations are considered anathema. I was angry that it seems that the first place law enforcement and the media always goes when something like this happens is to see if the Muslims are somehow to blame – it’s the first place they go. I’m angry that there is a truly frightening rise in violence and violent rhetoric from mainstream right wingers – including some of our elected representatives, and I’m angry that the media ignores it. I’m angry about a lot of things – and when I’m angry and I type fast, the words might not come out exactly as I want them to.

So if you find yourself offended by my opinion here, I understand. And yes, of course it’s premature to say the guy was a wingnut. Maybe I’m splitting hairs, but I said that there is a circumstantial case that the guy *might* be a wingnut. If he is, I want that to be reported — which it probably won’t. He’ll be called just another “lone wolf” — in a whole pack of lone wolves.


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