Not-So-Super Tuesday


That’s my take on “Super Tuesday.” How much of this flailing and posturing have we already seen over the last several months? It’s enough to turn my stomach. And every time I am forced to listen to the racist-misogynist-homophobic-sexist dog-whistle code words tossed out by the Republican candidates for president, well, I just want to hurl. Or punch something – or someone.

How on earth did we get here?

It used to be that when I thought of America, I thought of the most progressive and benevolent nation in the world; the bastion of freedom and liberty; the America who willingly shouldered the burden of supporting our troops as they fought in World War II, with their Victory Gardens, scrap drives and rubber drives. Of the women who gave up their nylon stockings and donned overalls and who stepped onto the manufacturing lines and built planes and tanks and Jeeps. Of the spirit of cooperation and unity, where we all worked together with blood, sweat and tears for the welfare of the entire world.

And when our GI’s came home, proud of their achievement, some missing arms, legs and/or eyes, we applauded them, celebrated them and gave them ticker tape parades down the Canyon of Heroes in New York City. And better yet, Congress passed the G.I. Bill, which gave every returning soldier the chance to better himself with a college education.

Where is all this American spirit now? The towering figures of our past, Franklin D. Roosevelt, that visionary man who helped build America into the greatest nation in the world; Lyndon Johnson, who passed the Civil Rights act – even though he knew it was going to cost him. John F. Kennedy, who asked what you could do for your country, and who paid the price with a bullet in his brain. Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who worked tirelessly to see that all people had equal rights – no matter the color of their skin, who also paid the ultimate price for his heroism and courage.

Now, instead of heroes, we have …clowns. Hate-filled, greedy, sociopathic, misogynistic, racist, mendacious clowns. A few of the worst clowns are no longer stinking up our presidential politics; Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry – none of whom is qualified to run a hotdog cart. Jon Huntsman? A sensible man overall, but one who was far too willing to pander to the extremists in today’s GOP – but as it turned out, he didn’t pander enough. Tim Pawlenty – Tim who?

Good riddance to them all. Let’s go on to the ones who remain, shall we?

Let’s start with Rick Santorum. A dullard, called by a John McCain staffer “the stupidest man in the Senate,” who scorns college education, who believes that women should have no right to birth control – because that means they’ll be doing licentious things and having sex, sex, sex and more sex! A man who in 2003, spoke of gay people in terms of “man on dog” sex and is still defending that stance today. And, worst of all, even though his little daughter Bella has benefited from “Obamacare,” Santorum rants and raves and vows to repeal it (Just a note here – I am not going to use a link to Fox “News” or any other rightwing source. We’ve all heard his views on Obamacare.) He is also chomping at the bit to start another war in the Middle East – this time, against Iran. Because, yeah, that war on Iraq went so very well, don’t you think?

And then there’s the feckless, hapless poor little rich boy, Mittens, who tries so very hard to relate to the great unwashed by telling us that he is unemployed, who claims to have worn a garbage bag as a raincoat (this after boasting that he has friends who are NASCAR team owners!) and who told us all that the family dog, Seamus, just loved being on top of his car for that infamous 12 hour drive. Willard “Mitt” Romney, the political chameleon. The man who will be anything for anyone with enough money and enough power to get him what he wants, and Mitt Romney wants very badly to be president. Over time, Mittens has shown us all that he has a moral code sculpted in Play-Doh; one that can be stretched, twisted, rolled, mashed and pulled into whatever he thinks whoever he is speaking to at the time wants to hear. He has shamelessly flip-flopped on every stand he has ever taken, and has even disavowed his own Massachusetts healthcare program, “Romneycare” because the Tea Party crazies are screaming “Socialism!!!” (even though they have no clue what that word truly means). He once proclaimed that he was more liberal than Ted Kennedy and declared that he was pro-choice and pro-gay rights. Now? He’s desperately flinging more and more red meat – more than the guy at the zoo who feeds the lions and tigers. Everyone hates Mittens: liberals, conservatives, Tea Partiers, Republicans, Democrats… the only people who like Mitt Romney are the nation’s 1%, who would thrive under a Romney presidency – even more than they’re thriving now.

Let’s dissect Newt Gingrich, shall we? The disgraced Speaker of the House who was forced to resign in 1998 in the wake of numerous ethics violations, paid a fine of $300,000 and sank into relative obscurity. Of course, Newt continued to rely on what I call “wingnut welfare” – that safety net of well-heeled conservative think tanks who kept Newt’s Tiffany’s bills paid. And how, here he is, resurrected from his past, all shiny and new, ready to lead America to the Promised Land. He is the man brands himself as the rebel fighting against “the elites” who are trying to keep him down and shut him up. I find Newt’s “Everyman” guise truly hilarious – I mean, how many people do you know who have as much as $500,000 on account at Tiffany’s? Me? The only thing I could afford to buy at Tiffany’s would be one of their boxes. Maybe. Newt has also been ladling out the racist chum by the barrelful; last night, as expected, he won the Georgia primary, and is expected to do well with the racist base in the rest of the South – the folks who still proudly fly the Confederate flag and are outraged over the fact that there is a black man in the White House. What I find most shameful about this is that Newt Gingrich is smart enough that he should not have to stoop to the level of the redneck racists and members of Stormfront. He has always had the reputation of being a big brain and a man with big ideas – but I guess that’s just too ‘elitist’ for today’s extremist GOP base.

And there’s the issue of Newt’s marriages; the man has baggage galore. He is, of course, on wife number 3, Callista, with whom he carried on an affair not only while his second wife was in the hospital being treated for cancer, but while he presided over the impeachment of President Clinton for his indiscretion with Monica Lewinsky. Hypocrisy, anyone?

That leaves us with Ron Paul, the perennial presidential candidate, the man in the suits two sizes too large for him, the broken clock who is right twice a day and who has a small following of fanatics who fervently want to turn this country into a 21st century version of the Wild Wild West, where we are all on our own and it’s survival of the fittest. This year, we have also found that Ron Paul has been very cozy with racist, white power organizations like Stormfront and others. It was revealed that Ron Paul approved of newsletters with blatantly racist and anti-Semitic content, even though he attempted to claim that he never read or approved the contents of the newsletters – he did. Fortunately for all of us, Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance of being elected.

We should all be ashamed of these clowns for making America the laughingstock of the world. I’m truly embarrassed every time I hear one of them speak; the racist garbage that comes out of their mouths is stuff that would have gotten me a mouthful of soap when I was a kid. I sincerely hope that this season of insanity is resolved in November with a victory for President Obama and with more victories against the downticket Tea Party crazies like Allen West and the others currently running riot in our House.

Please, do your part to bring America back to its senses: VOTE.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Matt on March 7, 2012 at 6:44 pm

    And Ted Kennedy was once pro-life and then became pro-choice. And yes, Romney did say he would protect a woman’s right to choice as governor of a state that was strongly pro-choice. Does this mean he declared himself to be pro-choice?

    I love Mitt. But I’m certainly not in the 1%. I’m the 99%. But, in the spirit of honesty (after all, that 98-point range is rather broad), according to this chart (, I’m the 20%. Woohoo! I’m off to make a bumpersticker: “I am the 20%!”


    • Posted by leftsideannie on March 7, 2012 at 6:58 pm

      Matt…how disingenuous can you get? Mitt Romney has reversed himself on EVERY single position he has ever had. You focus on one thing and claim that that creates an equivalent. If you love Mittens, good for you, but fortunately for America, he’s never going to be president.


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