Oh, My Busy Little Stalker!!

He wrote me again – isn’t he sweet? He accused me of “heavily editing” his email – which cracks me up, because I didn’t even correct his lousy spelling. Of course, I must say that this one does spell better than most. I’ll give you that, Craig. <golf clap>

Here his latest “jewel” – unedited, straight from the wingnut hater:

From: craig list <craiglistposter1975@gmail.com>
To: Kate Mc <wwanniekatz09@ymail.com>
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2011 8:10 AM
Subject: Re: I recommend you get a life.

I am scouring my two emails to you and have not found one single instance in which I have called you a name.  Thus, you implying and accusing of doing so is a gross exgeration which many would see as a lie.Here is what happened.
1)  I stumbled accross your testement to illogical blather.
2)  At the end of the page you had a comments/opinion block.
3)  I entered an opinion.
4)  You returned emails which included your disdain of my comment, outright lies and gross accusations.
5)  In short, wa.Your blog is sourced and linked with other highly liberal slanted ‘writers’ and doesn’t make your delusional view of the world any more true or correct.  A lie told a hundred times is still a lie.  Plus, I have never suggested, implied or even eluded to any sort of “escalation of action.”  But, you have. All to often, persons like yourself have used public squares as toilets when there is perfectly clean and available portable toilet within ten feet.  Persons such as yourself have issued threats of physical injury, destroyed property, harangued businesses and assaulted police, private citizens and anyone you deem as the “enemy.”  Persons like yourself have used vehicles to mow down persons committing the cardinal sin of going about their daily business.  Persons like yourself have attacked public officers, elected representatives and even government employees with verbal, physical and even lethal attacks.  Your core group of persons are nothing more than a vile, maligned, violent, knee-jerk reactionist rabble.  You are nothing more than barbarians who clothe themselves with products from Abercrombie instead of animals and wield iPhones instead of cudgels.This will be my last reply to you.  I am sure you will “publish” these emails in a heavily edited version to further paint yourself as “the hapless victim.”  After all, that is the only thing they seem to teach now in school.

Good day.

Oh my. He’s “scouring” his emails to me – I guess he missed the parts where he called me a “failure,” told me I suck and then suggested that he’d like to see me take up a career in lesbian bestiality. Yeah, he missed those parts. I’m so not surprised. The Wingnut Memory Hole™ is in full operation!



Of course, in this one, my little stalker rises to new flights of fantasy – again with the toilet habits, Craig? Really? Let me put your tiny little mind at rest with regard to my toilet habits, OK? Here goes:  I can say with 100% honesty that I have never, ever in my life “used a public square as a toilet.”  Now, why in the fresh hell would I do such a stupid, uncomfortable and embarrassing thing…? I don’t even like camping, fer chrissakes! I like my flush toilet, my hot shower and my hair dryer, yanno?



Tell me, Craig, why are you so very obsessed with other peoples’ toilet habits…? It seems a little unhealthy to me, you know? (Paging Sigmund Freud!)



Oh, and the vehicles “mowing people down” either  a) belong to the police (motorcycles, cars and horses have been regularly used to “mow down” protesters) or b) belong to an impatient fellow in a Mercedes who was late for something or other and decided that hitting a protester with his car was perfectly acceptable. After all, he’s probably one of those fancy “job creators” – and we surely cannot inconvenience any of the “job creators,” now, can we…? Heavens, no!! We can’t talk back to them, or yell at them or even disagree with them. No, they are the Mighty Job Creators, and as such, are the Lords of the Universe. (Well, at least to a good little authoritarian follower like Craig, anyway.)



Abercrombie? Really? Craig, I can’t afford to buy anything in that store, and frankly, I think it’s overpriced crap made by slave labor. And I don’t own an iPhone, which also happens, as cool as it is, to be made by slave labor in China. Nope. I have an older flip phone that can’t even email or access the internet – mostly because I can’t afford to pay for the data plan. See? You’ve got me all wrong. I’m a hard-working woman and I earn my living. I earn every penny I make, and I’m barely getting by.



I haven’t ever threatened anyone – although my life has been threatened on several occasions:  I’ve had several death threats from wingnuts like you and a couple of real life wingnuts in pickup trucks who literally tried to force my car off the 101 freeway and into the retaining wall because they didn’t like my bumpersticker. My 10 year old car was vandalized – I haven’t vandalized anything, made any threats or tried to force anyone off the road. I haven’t attacked any public officers; as I recall, it was the teabaggers who spat on Congressman Lewis and other members of the Black Caucus as they made their way down the Capitol steps. I haven’t shot anyone – you know, like the wingnuts who killed Dr. George Tiller, who shot Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and that poor security guard at that museum in Washington, D.C. RWNJ’s all. If we lefties are going to get violent, we toss fake blood on expensive fur coats – fur that would look a lot better on the animal who formerly owned it.



What, Craig? You say that it’s OK to shoot someone as long as you’re wearing teabags on your hat, spouting Bible verses and carrying a pocket copy of the Constitution (which you’ve never read) in one of the pockets of your flak jacket – that you’re not carrying ammunition in…? Have I got that right? Of course I do.



I’m kind of a peacenik, Craig, and I wouldn’t have a gun in my house if you gave it to me. No, I leave that kind of violence up to your kind – you know, the fellas who show up at white supremacy rallies brandishing their swastikas and teabagger rallies with hundreds of old farts wearing funny hats, bristling with weaponry and carrying badly-spelled, racist signs. That’s not my style. My weapon of choice is words, Craig. Words. Lots and lots of words. I am a news junkie, and just because you don’t believe anything that isn’t on FOX, well, that doesn’t mean that it’s a lie. Yeah, you see, Craig, there have been several studies done which prove that folks like you, who rely solely on FOX for your news and information, are much more ignorant than the average television viewer. (They’re lying to you, Craig. Really. There is no “War on Christmas.”)



I can out-fact you any day of the week, Craig, with one hand tied behind my back. And I guess that pisses you off, doesn’t it? You authoritarian types hate it when someone disagrees with you, don’tcha? You hate it so much that you have to intrude yourself into my life, post your childish insults and then continue to harass me. And yes, I will call the police if you don’t stop stalking me. That’s about as big a threat that you’re going to get from me. You = stalker, Craig.



You’re just pissed because there are more of us than there are of you, and your species is dying out (thank Dog!) – and yes, Craig, sometimes stupid is fatal. And probably at least a dozen or so of your teabagger brethren will become candidates for the 2012 Darwin Award when they successfully shoot themselves between the eyes while cleaning their guns after using some of the meth they cook out in their back yards.



You know, if I were a member of such an unsavory and frankly, stupid, group of people, well, I guess I’d be angry too. You can keep on embarrassing yourself by sending me more of your crazed and hate-filled screeds, and me? Well, I’ll gladly use them to entertain my liberal friends by mocking you relentlessly. Or you can just slink away with your tail between your legs with the realization that you just can’t beat up or intimidate someone who is so much smarter than you are.



Your choice.


2 responses to this post.

  1. ‘While it is true that not all conservative people are stupid, it is most certainly true that most stupid people are conservative’ – John Stuart Mill

    I think Mr. Mill would have a field day on the Internets today challenging people like your stalker buddy, “Craig”.I wish people like him would learn what words really mean and not assume that just because someone on Fox News Channel flings them at somebody, that they are correctly being applied. No matter how many times one of them says it, you can;t be both a Fascist and a Socialist at the same time. But try telling that to stupid people.


  2. You know how sometimes your pinky finger sort of wilts and goes limp — that makes me think of your weeny stalker Craig.

    Not sure why…


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