Hate Mail

I suppose, in the world of blogging and punditry, that when someone starts receiving unsolicited hate mail, that means you’ve “made it.”

Well, I am now receiving hate mail. Here’s how it started:

Craig commented on About the Author

Isn’t it weird, in which only profane leftists find other profane leftists funny?
You live in LA – so what’s your excuse for dismal failure?

Oh yeah, you suck.

You can read my original response in the comments in the About the Author section. Rather mild, I thought. No profanity – which for me, well, that’s some serious restraint.  I responded with a one line email:  I suggest you get a life.

From: craig list <craiglistposter1975@gmail.com>
To: Kate Mc <wwanniekatz09@ymail.com>
Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2011 3:03 PM
Subject: Re: I recommend you get a life.

I recommend you start a career you could be good at: lesbian beastiality porn.And you still suck.
That was email number one.  My response? Still restrained; a little snarky, but restrained:
By the way, I know you haven’t the courage to use your real name or email address, but I suggest you abandon this one. My 3,900 followers now know about you – and they aren’t fond of RWNJ’s.
Just a suggestion, sweetie.
I seem to have hit a nerve. This was his latest screed:

Typical leftie, when all else fails: lie.  Very little of what I ever write is ever written in anger or in an angry tone.  What you have done is revealed the depth of your illness, immaturity and grossly distorted view of the world.  It is called “projection.”  

Your mindless, wandering, blather on the internet, your “oh, so deep and personal” journal, posted for all the world to see is neither insightful or humorous.  Plus, any and all attempts at humor within have failed. Furthermore, I have never called you any filthy names; in fact, I have not called you ANY name at all.  I just suggested a career which most miserable mentally diseased women like yourself find themselves excelling in.  The other endeavor which persons like yourself often empower and entitle themselves to is “activist.” 

Bonus: because of your twisted views and beliefs, bestiality is now something which cannot be discriminated against because of you pro-gays wanting your ghey friends in the military. 

History is replete with stories on how the mentally ill,- the atheist left, has always been the downfall to any civilization, no matter how big, established, great, or stable.  

Good luck in your endeavors.  I suspect I will NOT see you onstage in your next feeble attempt in making money.  I imagine it will be something similar to every other atheist,  pro-ghey, militant feminist, radical leftist produces in its “career”:  180 eardrum-shattering, non-stop minutes of you screaming “rape” while drenching yourself with fake blood and then defecating and or urinating on the US Flag while wearing very little or nothing at all.  

PS. Aren’t you supposed to be a an OWS rally?  

I’m crushed. He doesn’t like my blog. Oh, dear. I must immediately produce 5,000 words on why Ron Paul would make the most fabulous president in the history of the world.

Um, no. I don’t think so.

I do have to say Craig has a very vivid imagination; rape fantasies, fake blood, and an unhealthy obsession with defecation/urination (and let’s not forget lesbian bestiality, whatever that actually is). I’ve never done any of those things. Never screamed “rape.” Never drenched myself with fake blood – unless you count dressing up as a vampire on Halloween. And I have never either urinated or defecated on the flag while being naked.

Gotta say, Craig, you have some issues, dude. Serious issues.

And hey, I happen to like my blog. I like what I have to say, and furthermore, if it’s egotistical to say that I think I’m a pretty damn good writer, well, so be it:  I think I’m a pretty damn good writer.

Furthermore, I’ve dealt with rightwing nutjob stalkers for years now – ever since the very first time I said I was against Bush’s unjustified attack on Iraq. I’ve posted here about some of my experiences with wingnut stalkers. I am not afraid of them – well, all right, I am, a little – they tend to be truly fucked up crazies with guns (see Gabrielle Giffords). Normally, however, they are nothing more than blowhard cowards and bullies.  I will not allow any nutjob to shut me up. Ever.

No, I believe that when I get ugly threats from wingnuts, the best tactic is to expose them to the world. You know, like turning the light on a roomful of cockroaches. They hate the light, and they scatter immediately back into the dark corners they came from – as fast as their 6 little legs will carry them.

So, Mr. Craig List, you are now famous. Enjoy it. At least until the men in the white coats come for you and haul you away, screeching, drooling and screaming your hatred to the world.

Oh – and one more thing:  What on earth is “pro-ghey”…?


8 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve had my share of online nut jobs who seem to exist to cause me grief. What struck me about your e-mails with “Craig List”, and my own past experiences, is that the tactics are always the same. The name calling, then the denial. The saying we’re mentally ill (yet they’re the ones stalking us). Calling us unfunny. Saying our stuff isn’t worth reading (yet they read it).

    I’m starting to think the righties need a new trolling handbook. Their current one is getting pretty old and tired.


  2. Posted by Leftside Annie on December 11, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    True indeed. Sadly true.


  3. “Normally, however, they are nothing more than blowhard cowards and bullies. I will not allow any nutjob to shut me up. Ever.”

    THIS. Go, Annie! My sentiments, exactly!!!


  4. I was prepared to rip this guy a new asshole, however, looks as though Kate beat me to it. Imma have to get up a tad bit earlier if I want to kick some RWNJ butt around here!
    Color me impressed.

    YOU GO GIRL! 🙂



  5. Posted by John on December 11, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    Oh Kate, so many assholes out there. Try to console yourself with the realization that they’re driven by their own infantile fears. They wander through life missing the best things because they’re consumed by paranoia, homophobia and feelings of impotence and fear of being powerless.


    • Posted by Leftside Annie on December 11, 2011 at 8:05 pm

      John, you know, I do feel sorry for them. In fact, I was contemplating a new blog post on the sad fact that these people feel so compelled to go out of their way to hurt someone else. I don’t do that; you don’t do that – why do *they* do it?


  6. Consider the possibility, Annie, that this is one of those paid stalkers. Paid by the Right Wing crazies to try to frighten off the best writers. Fighting back only gives them more energy to write more blogs and then they are paid more. Ignore them. They don’t deserve your energy.


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