Progressives/Liberals/Sane People

Once again, here I am commenting on something that happened on another message board. I post a thread titled “Progressives/Liberals/Sane People” every day, a thread on which I post news and opinion with a hard left point of view, but which is completely sourced and fact-based. I provide links to the original source whenever possible, and I generally try to avoid posting from blogs or other opinion pieces, unless I specify that I am posting from an editorial/blog/opinion piece.

A day or so ago, a self-proclaimed Christian posted a message on that thread to the effect that she was insulted by the title of the thread, and then she wagged her finger at me and suggested that I use a less insulting thread title. I responded to this in the following manner:

Dear (anonymous poster) – I believe you are responsible for reading too much into a simple phrase.

‘Progressives/Liberals/Sane People’ does not say one single thing or specify anything about who isn’t sane.

YOU made that decision, I didn’t. YOU decided that I was out to insult you – not I. YOU.

You read into the thread title what you wanted to see. You chose to be insulted. I did not insult you. YOU CHOSE. Remember that.

I’m not calling for murder or mayhem or the overthrow of churches. No, I’m calling for people to be able to live a decent, dignified life, with human rights and equality. (Yeah, boy, that’s just plain EVIL!!!) My opinions are, frankly, none of your business and furthermore, my opinions are nicely tucked out of sight inside this thread, which required a positive action on your part in the form of double clicking on the title and opening up this Pandora’s box of liberalism.

I’ve mentioned my stalkers? Well, over the years, I have attempted on dozens of occasions to hold out an olive branch to these supposed Christian people who hate me, and each time I have done so, I have been rejected with hatred.

And now? Frankly, after nearly 7 years of this stupid crap, I am not interested in ‘reaching out’ to Christians, as I have found them – with some very lovely exceptions – to be hate-filled, mean-spirited, malicious and intolerant of any views other than their own.

I don’t know what this poster thought she was going to accomplish with her fingerwagging. Did she expect me to apologize and immediately re-title my thread “Marxists/America-haters/Far Left Loons” …? That’s so not going to happen. Ever.

I try to stay reasonably open minded. I have always maintained that if there is a Christian, a Republican, and/or a conservative out there who wants to have a discussion with me, I’ll gladly discuss anything they want – and I’ll do it politely. But – respect goes both ways. Those folks need to respect ME, just as they expect me to respect them. Perhaps reader, you remember my post from a few months ago about my Republican “friend” with whom I frustrated myself on numerous occasions trying to show him the bigotry and racism and flat-out craziness that is extant in the Republican party these days – and finally how I had to sever my relationship with him because he insisted on defending John Yoo and the Bush torturers. That was over the line. Yeah, I’m reasonable, but I absolutely and categorically refuse to allow someone to defend to my face those who commit war crimes and torture.

And now, as long as I’m in the middle of a nice long rant, I’d like to say a few words to the more militant Christians out there. As an unrepentant and unapologetic atheist, I have been repeatedly accused of “bashing Christians.”

Now, as I understand that word, “bashing” someone is defined as saying something ugly about them that is not true. Expressing my opinion about things that have truly and factually happened or have really been said, therefore, is not “bashing.”

If I said, for example, “Every single Christian on this planet is a rude, obnoxious judgmental jerk” – that would be bashing, because, obviously, it isn’t true.

However, if I say that people like Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Pat Robertson, etc. etc. etc. (ad infinitum, ad nauseum) are greedy, lying, selfish, fake Christians, that is not “bashing” – but the simple expression of fact.

Reader, I know I’m probably already preaching to the choir and that no militant Christian is going to read this (well, except maybe the one who emails me to tell me that WordPress harbors Satanists), but if such a Christian happens upon this post, well, Mr. or Ms. Militant Christian, you can do with that whatever you will. Just know that I don’t bash people who do not deserve to be bashed, and I do not hesitate to bash the ones who do deserve it.  Furthermore, you have no right to judge me, nor do you know what I have experienced at the hands of your fellow Christians.

Over the last 7 or so years, I have been abused by alleged “Christians” for the simple fact that I have declared myself to be both a liberal and an atheist. I have been stalked and harassed – even into my real life. I have had death threats – all from people who shout their Christianity from the rooftops. They have accused me repeatedly of being hate-filled, being un-American, a traitor, unpatriotic, evil, whatever – and it all started because I said in March, 2003 that I was against George Bush’s war on Iraq, the war that was based on lie after lie and has now cost our country trillions of dollars, the lives of thousands of our soldiers, the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens and has left more than 30,000 Americans maimed, crippled and/or disfigured.

Jesus was the original liberal, and He and I are on the same side. Feed the hungry – check. House the homeless – check. Heal the sick – check. Toss the moneylenders out of the temple – check. Help others – check. Turn the other cheek – check.

I’m an atheist – but I advocate the same things as Jesus did, so why should these people hate me so much that they’re moved to commit un-Christian acts? They blame it on me, but again, they are the ones who CHOOSE to be angry and offended. And yet, they still consider themselves to be awesome Christians, even though they are committing mean-spirited and un-Christian acts against someone who has not harmed them in the slightest, nor seeks to harm them in any way.

<shaking head> I don’t get it.


5 responses to this post.

  1. You Rock!
    I would love to hug your neck… seriously.

    You should ask the so called christian lady a question.
    Tell her you were writing that thread to three different types of people and then ask her if she doesn’t at least qualify for the third title.
    Obviously it’s not a requirement to be all three (Progressives/Liberals/Sane People) because I came in to read it and I can only lay claim to the first two. 🙂

    Seriously Kate, (may I call you Kate?) if that religious zealot doesn’t like what you write, maybe she should be reminded of something we all learn as children.
    “If a child burns his or her hand on a hot stove, it is very unlikely that child will continue to touch the stove.”
    You could be tactful about it or you could say it the way I’m inclined to say it.
    I would tell her about the quote above, then I would tell to keep her fucking hands off my stove!

    In closing, let me just say:
    It’s people like you that make this world a better place and I for one appreciate it.
    Take care of you and yours.

    LOVE…PEACE…HAPPINESS… Alan (aka Albert Flasher) Card


    • Posted by Leftside Annie on October 27, 2011 at 6:42 am

      Alan, thank you so much for your kind words! And absolutely, you may call me Kate – it’s my name, after all. 🙂

      All I’d really like them to know is that I’m not their enemy. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Michele Bachmann and their like ARE. They’ve been taught to view liberals and atheists as monsters – which is totally simplistic, and absolutely ridiculous. A lot of us want the same things! But try to get them to believe that…



  2. Awright, who blabbed about WP harboring Satanists? Didn’t we all agree that was a REALLY BIG SECRET?


    Another awesome post, Kate. Keep up the good work!


  3. Posted by galin drury on November 11, 2011 at 6:08 am

    This was a wonderful post. I can relate to all of it.


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