We Are All Ugly Americans Now

WTF, people?!? What is going on here? What has this nation become – this once great, once generous, once honorable, once exceptional nation – what on earth have we become?

America – my beloved America – has become a stingy, greedy, mean-spirited, gun-toting nation of illiterate fools; a cesspool of bigotry, homophobia and racism where science and truth are completely irrelevant and selfishness and greed are touted as the premiere virtures. Where torture is the law of the land because the lawyers said it was just peachy to torture someone -er, rather question them “harshly”  – up until the point of death or organ failure.

Today, Senator Tom Coburn has been putting forth his pearls of Republican wisdom about how we ought to be running this country; he says that taking care of our elderly is unconstitutional, and how it ought to be left up to the families only.

So, genius, first of all – what the fuck happened to your Hippocratic Oath that says, “first, do no harm”…? You have been crapping all over that oath for years.

So tell us, Senator Coburn – what happens if the elderly person has no family…? What happens if they do have family, but that family is struggling from paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet – to feed their kids and keep a roof over their heads…? What do you suggest for them?

Maybe that elderly person – or hey, even whole family! – should all beg on a street corner – if they can even get to the street corner; some elderly folks are bedridden or in wheelchairs. Maybe they could get someone to carry or wheel them down to a prime corner and put a cup in their swollen and arthritic hand. Yeah, that’s it! A doddering, drooling old person begging for spare change or a hungry child – that would be just the ticket in this new and ugly America.

Since these elderly and sick people are long past the age where they can pull themselves up by their bootstraps – perhaps they ought to think of the tragic plight of the rich people and how they are taxed so unjustly for their care and feeding – and just go out lie down in the middle of a busy street and let the rich run over them with their fancy SUV’s. They’re just useless mouths anyway, right, Doctor Coburn, eating up your tax dollars?

Coburn has hit the trifecta of ugly today. He also claimed that President Obama is forcing us into dependence – because he got so much help from the government simply because he is a black man. Yeah, he only got into Harvard Law because some white folks took pity on him, and yeah, the millions of us who voted for him for president only did so because we too felt sorry for that poor black man.

And finally, Senator Coburn laments the fact that he“can’t pack a gun on the Senate floor.”  Who the hell is this insane teabagging moron planning to shoot on the Senate floor? Bernie Sanders, perhaps? Harry Reid? Maybe he could sneak over to the House and shoot Dennis Kucinich. I know he’d like to shoot Vice President Biden — or hell, aim high, Dr. Douche:  maybe you could even bag President Obama himself.

Tom Coburn, the Mad Doctor of Oklahoma, you owe all of us a humble apology – after which you should do the honorable thing – RESIGN.

All this vile, putrid ugliness makes me sick to my stomach. And if Jesus does exist, I’ll just bet He’s puking His guts up too.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m one of those old people who has no family. So if the safety net gets shredded I’m fucked. I spant the last 7 years of my working life taking care of my demented mother and so when I became disabled I’d lost those most productive working years of income that social security is calculated on and I get the rock bottom to live on. No one can live on $800 a month. I live in my garage so I can rent my house. Take away Medicare and I’d be fucked for sure. My medical bills are astronimical. The only good thing Bush did was Medicare Part D. Without it I couln’t afford the drugs I have to take to stay alive.


  2. Posted by FlippinUid on August 21, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    I almost want to argue that what one dumb ass senator does, dost not make us all ugly. However, yes it does, because if one does have any sense whatsoever, then ugle dost one get after the comment by dumbass Senator Coburn. And if one isn’t ugly & mad as all get out, then they are dumb & ugly as hell any way. And you are correct, dumbass needs to resign NOW!


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