Bringing Home the Hypocrisy

Here’s a little video compilation of Republican after Republican passionately demanding that we raise the debt ceiling. Need I say that this was while George W. Bush was president….? Have your barf bag handy. (I’m just saying.)

Republicans In House on the debt ceiling

H/T to ThinkProgress, my favorite real news site.

And to put the cherry on top of this gigantic shit sundae we’re being served, right now, it looks as if the President and the Senate are going to give the Republicans everything they want – except that the next debt ceiling vote will be after the 2012 elections.

You see, it’s a whole lot easier to beat up on poor people, the elderly, children, college students and middle class/working poor families because we can’t afford to hire busloads of teabag-stuffed-dummies waving stupid signs. Nor can we afford to buy ourselves a few legislators like the Koch Brothers can.

The Republican definition of “compromise” is now “We get everything we want – and we still get to call the president names.”

Good luck, America. We’re all screwed.


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  1. “Critical Thinking: America’s other national deficit.” Cletis Stump


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