Behind the Kabuki KKKurtain

I take it that my smart readers have been paying attention to the kabuki theatre going on in the House of Representatives these last few days. Honest to Dog, you have to wonder what these crazy teahadis are thinking – or, frankly, if they’re even thinking at all. I suspect there’s a whole lot of ideological knee-jerking going on, knee-jerking only vaguely connected to reality, which boils down, basically, to a giant pizza-fueled circle jerk going on at our expense.

House-Speaker-For-Now John Boehner doubled down on the stupid last night to get the frothing, raving teabagger contingent in the House to vote for his bill by adding their absurd little pet balanced budget amendment (which, BTW, would have stopped the Bush tax cuts dead in their tracks as being “unconstitutional”). You know, for such a fervent bunch of avowed Constitution-lovers, they sure are anxious to change it, aren’t they?

The debt ceiling deadline is Tuesday, August 2nd. A Constitutional amendment has to pass both House and Senate by a two-thirds majority – and then it has to be ratified by two-thirds of the states as well. That’s all supposed to happen in three days. You’ll pardon me, I’m sure, if I roll my eyes at the absurdity of that particular proposal. The teabaggers can’t even get a two-thirds vote in the House, the one branch of Congress they control. Even with the help of the desperate and sweaty TanMan – it just ain’t gonna happen.

But the Orange Boner did it anyway. He knew darn good and well that that ridiculous waste of time/taxpayer’s money had absolutely NO chance whatsoever of passing the Senate, but he did it anyway – to keep the crowd of knife-brandishing Brutus and Cassius wannabes, led by Eric Cantor, away from his back and to show, ostensibly, that he’s still got the stuff as Speaker. Good for him.

And the people he’s pandering to? They have no clue. One of the biggest Teapublican frothers in the House is Rep. Joe Walsh, who has been all over the teevee machine swearing up and down that he won’t put one more penny in debt on the backs of his precious children… but as it turns out, this man owes his ex-wife around $117,000 in back child support payments to support those self-same precious children. Have you heard his spin on this? He claims that this $117,000 he owes in back child support shows that he’s a “real American.” (I think you can imagine just how my eyes are rolling just now, reader.) Oh, brother. Silly me – I always thought that “real Americans” took good care of their children and didn’t use them as props.

And these rabid teabaggers literally think that if America defaults, it will be a good thing.

Deluded. Insane. Just plain stupid. How many times have we heard “I have to stay within my means – why shouldn’t the government” analogy? OK, I’ll play.  I have a car loan. What do you suppose would happen if I suddenly decided that I didn’t have to pay that loan anymore because I was “living outside my means”…? What happens to your credit rating if you decide not to pay your mortgage?

I think we all know what would happen. Or, well, the sane among us know what will happen.

The repo man would show up and take my car. The bank takes away your house, the sheriff shows up and evicts you, you end up on the street – and then you and I, for the next umpty years, are screwed when it comes to borrowing any kind of money. Our credit rating instantly dives for the basement, which in turn makes it ridiculously difficult to conduct your life in any organized way. Need to rent an apartment? I’m sure the landlord is going to be thrilled to rent to someone who doesn’t pay their rent. Get a job? I’m sure an employer is going to be quick to hire someone whose credit rating screams “deadbeat.” As if it weren’t already tough enough to get by these days, right?

This is going to happen to the United States of America. In 3 days, we will become a deadbeat nation. Thanks to the berks in the Tea Party, Americans everywhere are going to suffer; some in overt ways like not receiving their paychecks and others in more subtle ways: small business owners are going to get hit in the wallet with higher interest rates when they try to purchase inventory or pay their employees. Homeowners are going to get hit in the wallet with higher interest rates – which means higher mortgage payments. We’ll all be hit by higher rates of interest on credit cards, auto loans, which means higher prices on food, fuel, consumer goods, building materials…everything.

America as a nation will take a hit to its AAA credit rating.  Do you know how much we Americans have invested in America’s debt? 60% of it belongs to us. Yep. “We the People” own 60% of America’s debt – so what the teabaggers are saying, in essence, is that they want to cheat us – We the People – out of our money. The teabaggers want to default on the money they owe us. 25% of the debt is owned by Social Security. 10% is owned by China. Do we really want to default on our debt? Really?

Do the teabaggers truly think that would be a good thing for America? Paying higher interest rates? Having our credit rating downgraded? Don’t they see how much that will cost us all down the road…?

Evidently not. They’re too busy trying to get that dirty black man out of their White House to see what they’re doing to the rest of us in the process.

They must not be allowed to win this. President Obama, do what you have to do. If that means invoking the 14th Amendment – DO IT. And DO IT NOW – before it’s too late.


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