One of My Conservative Stalkers Weighs In

I post regularly on another site where I have had a coterie of rightwing stalkers for more than 8 years. You might ask, why do I still post there? My answer? I post there still because they don’t want me to. They have been trying to chase me away since 2003. It hasn’t worked.  I post there still – mostly to piss them off. And it’s still working – after more than EIGHT YEARS. Amazing, isn’t it?

Today, Joe posted more of his stupid shit about how poor people ought to “prioritize.” So what exactly does that mean? Does that mean that you choose between buying your child shoes or food? Or maybe you get them shoes, but you skimp on their food. Or maybe you can let one of the bills go – it’s summer here in California – maybe having the gas turned off isn’t going to be a huge problem. Priorities. Joe thinks that poor people ought to prioritize more.

So I told Joe my story about the dumpsters when I was a kid – and asked him: what should my parents have “prioritized”? He never answered that question, by the way, which doesn’t surprise me.

However, that post brought one of my rightwing stalkers out of the bushes. This particular woman’s name is Kathi. Kathi professes to be a devout Christian, is always invoking the name of Jesus and “God blessing” everyone. She’s also not very bright. She created this sockpuppet “MYFRIENDFLICKA” in order to be able to maintain her presence on a conservative site under her regular username KMFC59, where she bashes liberals and praises Jesus.

Kathi first posted using this particular sock a few months ago – and immediately blew her cover by posting on her other site – using her sock and using her own name.  Today she decided that it was a good time to pay me a visit. This is her post:

Hi all!

Glad Red considers herself edjamacated, not like those silly stupid myopic idiots that call themselves conservatives. They don’t know nuttin about no high-fallutin’ larnin’.

Haven’t been by in awhile, thought I’d lighten things up a bit with a little song & dance…

The Ballad of the Beverly HillMeme

Come and listen to a story about a gal named Red
Poor Demo-crat, barely kept her belly fed,
Then one day smoke was coming out her ears
Obama lost the White House and she ran around in tears

Barack that is. Black cold. Texas toast.

Hope you don’t have to go back to dumpster-diving any time soon, Red. Though it might help your weight loss, I guess. 

Poor Kathi. She can’t even spell “high-falutin.'” And in her other incarnation, KMCF59, she exhorts everyone to “Pray hard” and says that she’s “tired of the nastiness.”

And she wonders why I think conservatives are stupid people.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I’m sure you’ve informed Kathi that she’s not a decent Christian. I think she probably doesn’t realize she’s a racist as well.

    What site are you posting on, Red? 😀


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