Anorexics Get All the Press…

Why are anorexia and bulimia the ONLY eating disorders anyone *ever* talks about?  This has pissed me off for years. Today’s trigger was an article on the Huffington Post from another earnest doctor who wants to help all those poor anorexics. Poor thin little waifs. They are pitiful, truly, with every bone sculpted in high relief, and yes, anorexia is a terrible disease that’s often fatal.

I am here to tell you that compulsive overeating is every single bit as horrible; and nobody pays any attention to it. Either that or sufferers (I am one) are just labeled as fat, lazy slobs with no willpower. I frequently have no control over food. Before I had bariatric surgery approximately 15 years ago (I weighed nearly 300 pounds), I could – and did – put away a large pizza by myself. I’ve managed to keep about 55 pounds of it off over the years, but I fight this battle every day. Pain in my feet. Pain in my knees. Pain in my hips. Shopping in the ‘fat lady store.’ It hurts. A lot.

I quit smoking cold turkey more than 25 years ago – I’ve GOT willpower, but I simply cannot fight food. If I never had to eat again, I’d be fine.

But I have to eat every single day, and not only that, I have to live my life and deal with my addition to sugar and fat in our food-obses­sed culture: 24/7 television and magazine advertisin­g depicting my trigger foods, holidays built around food – it’s monstrous. I’d rather be addicted to ANYTHING other than food – and that includes crack or heroin.

Ask an alcoholic how he’d do if he could only have three 8 ounce glasses of chardonnay every day. We know how crack addicts behave. We food addicts don’t hurt anyone else…. we hurt ourselves.

Anorexia is “glamorous­” – because the sufferers are frequently beautiful models and actresses, who sometimes die sad, tragic deaths, which results in an orgy of public mourning in People, OK, and the National Enquirer.

Compulsive overeaters are just looked upon as ugly fat people, who, are cruelly treated with scorn as gluttons – adding insult to injury. How about paying us a little attention.­..?

UPDATE: 6/15/11

This post started its life as a comment I posted at HuffPo on the linked article. As of today, my comment has not shown up; evidently it is still being “moderated.” There was no profanity, and it was about 1/2 the length of this post.

Heh. I guess my post about the least “glamorous” eating disorder just wasn’t glamorous enough for the Huffington Post.


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  1. This hits the mark dead on the money. My life, your words. Great post.


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