Update from Larry Watts

I received this email last night from Larry with regard to the donations he has received to help Hillaire and her family:

From: Larry Watts <wattstrial@gmail.com>

Sent: Mon, May 30, 2011 8:35:44 AM
Subject: Re: H.S. forced to cheer her rapist in TX

Dear Kate

The bank account has received deposits of ALL receipts made to the account directly by donors and of cash (25.00) and two “checks”. No withdrawals have been made. The account balance is $229.68. The PayPal account has received 22 deposits. No withdrawals have been made. As of this morning, the PayPal Account balance is 453.62. The total amount of money on hand.  Not quite enough. But thank everybody for caring about Hillary and her folks. I have a civil jury case against the two guys in October 2011. Neither has anything. The truth is the goal…for once.
Larry Watts
$453 bucks. I am dismayed that the amount is so small. I hoped we could do better than that.

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