Do They Speak for “We the People” – HELL NO, THEY DON’T!

They do NOT speak for the vast majority of us, and we have been silent for too long. We’ve let them get away with it. Well, no longer.

I went this morning to get the address for OK Rep. Sally Kern’s website, and I found that Rep. Kern’s website has apparently crashed. Oh, dear.

She’s the OK state rep. who declared that black people are lazy and want everything handed to them – and that’s why they’re poor and in prison. What a woman, eh? Another oh-so-very compassionate conservative who claims that “some of her best friends are black!”  I sent her a message on her website 2 nights ago – the day she said that ugly stuff.

Evidently, I’m not the only one who wanted to let dear Sally know how we feel about the crap she said. And that’s a very, very good thing.

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t let this kind of stuff pass. It’s so easy to find the email addresses/websites of the people who say and do these disgusting things – and so I find them, I use them — and I let these people know that *I* (at least) do NOT give them a pass.

And yes, that includes Democrats. I’ve given Harry Reid and others a piece of my mind on numerous occasions.

For House Reps, normally their official contact sites will only allow you to contact them if you are a resident of their district. There’s an easy work-around:  USE THEIR OFFICE ADDRESS AS YOUR ADDRESS. I do that, and I tell them that I’m from CA in the body of my message.

Just because I’m not from OK or KS or MS or AL ain’t no reason I can’t give some idiot teahadi a piece of my mind.

We all need to speak up – both for and against. They all claim to speak for <echo on> “the American people” <echo off> …especially the RepubliCONS who want to privatize Medicare and take away Social Security and unemployment.

We need to let them know that they do NOT speak for us.

Now, go get ’em. And tell ’em I sent you.


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