Happy Easter, Suckers!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

While you enjoy your joyous dawn church service, the happy squeals of your children over their Easter baskets and the wonderful ham dinner planned for later today, just take a moment to think about the fact that the endless flow of RepubliCON lies doesn’t even stop for Easter, good Christians that they all are.

This morning one of the resurrected crazies, Rick Santorum, is on Fox News Sunday bragging about how he’d hold the debt ceiling hostage to repeal “Obamacare.”

Remember, people, HCR has already benefited a very large number of our fellow Americans, including me. And probably you.

Your children can be covered by your health insurance policy until they are 26. Your wellness checkups are now 100% covered – no co-pay. Your insurance company CANNOT drop you if you get sick.

And remember “recission”…?  Yeah, recission. Recission is your insurance company dropping you when you get sick because of some trumped-up reason – something you forgot to mention, some condition that they could stretch to cover whatever it is that you’re sick with as a “pre-existing condition.”  Recission is that letter some unlucky people receive from their wonderful, generous, “we-care-so-very-much-about-you” insurance companies along with their diagnosis of cancer telling them that they are (regretfully, of course) no longer covered because they had failed to cross a “T” five years ago, or had not disclosed a pimple, a UTI, a yeast infection or what-the-heckever, so good luck, sucker – you’re on your own!!

Rick Santorum and his crew not only want to take  away from you what little protection that HRC provides, but they want to take away your Medicare, your Social Security, your guarantee of a minimum wage, the money for FEMA (remember that when the next tornado, flood, hurricane, earthquake or wildfire hits your town), the regulations that protect your drinking water (flaming tap water, anyone?) and your unemployment insurance (you better dam well keep that stinking job, junior – or you’re skrewed!).  In other words, the Republicans want to take away everything that we middle class working stiffs have paid for our whole lives and give it to those who made their money the old fashioned way – by inheriting it. They see us as a gigantic flock of sheep – and sheep are stupid creatures who exist only to be sheared and turned into mutton.

Do they have anything better to put in place of all these things that you and I pay for with our tax money?

Hell, no. They just want to privatize it all so their corporate masters can sell you drinking water for $5 a gallon and make you work for $2 an hour. If you’re poor and you get sick? So what? Obviously you’re a lazy bum, a moocher, a leech sucking off the government teat, so get up off your lazy ass and get a job. It’s Social Darwinism at its finest. The rich not only survive, they thrive. The rest of us? Not so much.

Yeah, the Republicans are totally into resurrection. They want to resurrect The Gilded Age.


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