You want tolerance…?

I’m addressing this post to my Republican “friends” (let’s face it, I’m trying to be civil – it may not last, but I’m trying).

You seem to have some unrealistic expectations of us liberals. Yeah, completely unrealistic.

You seem to think that you can say anything you like to us, any time you want, about anything at all, every day now for nearly a decade. You called us “traitors.”  You called us “un-American.” Lately, you’ve taken to calling us socialists, Marxists, commies, fascists – God knows what-all. You’ve said that we want to destroy America. You’ve said that we spit on the flag. And on and on and on and on – ad nauseum. And somehow, you expect us to keep smiling, turn the other cheek and not knock your teeth straight down your throats. Like I said, unrealistic. I get feisty when people insult me. I tend to have what I call “Howard Beale moments,” you know, when you’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take this anymore…? Yeah. Those kind of Howard Beale moments. I’ve been having lots of those lately.

I’m sick of all this ugliness you’ve thrown in my face over the years, and I found out that I’m not the only one. Professor Ellen Lewin of the University of Iowa, like me,  has had enough. She got one too many emails from Republicans full of ugly lies, hyperbole and vituperation directed at our president and those of us who voted for him and still believe his vision of America.

Here’s a quote from The RiverfrontTimes blog:

Ellen Lewin, a professor of anthropology and gender and women’s and sexuality studies at UI, replied to an email from the College Republicans which went out to the entire school. The blanket email touted their “Conservative Coming-Out Week,” detailing plans for an animal-rights barbecue and urging students to “pick up your doctor’s notice to miss class for ‘sick of being stressed,’ just like the Wisconsin public employees during the union protests.'”

Animal rights barbeque? Really? How ugly and stupid do you have to be to think it’s funny to torture animals or to kill endangered species just for grins and giggles? Think about that one for a second, won’t you? If someone accused you of twisting the heads off of baby chicks or cute little kittens just for fun, wouldn’t you be offended? Of course you would. So would I. (Hint – that’s what “animal rights barbeque” is – offensive.)

And that “doctor’s notice” business was a complete fabrication – a right wing fabrication, I might add, made up and thrown out there to get people angry with the hard working union cops, the firemen and teachers of Wisconsin. I have been googling my little fingers off, and all I could find is page after page of rightwing sites ranting, raving, frothing and screeching over these doctor’s notes, until I tweaked my Google search to include the word “proof” – and look what I found:

Breitbarted.  We’ve all been Breitbarted again. In other words, this whole silly business about the doctors’ notes is fake. I like the new verb, by the way. “Breitbarted” says it all. It says that we’ve been had by someone with an agenda who has no interest in the truth.

So, do you see where I’m going with this? If you don’t, you’re probably a Republican and you see nothing wrong or offensive about barbequeing tigers or planting agents provocateurs in lab coats to hand out fake “doctors’ notes” to protesters who are fighting to save their jobs and their family’s livelihood. Ellen Lewin had had enough, too. God knows how many times she’s been subjected to the crass idiocies, misspelled screeds, lies made up out of whole cloth and baseless insults hurled at her by sanctimonious and stupid people who tell you that the government should keep it’s damned hands off their Medicare. She snapped, and she gave that ridiculous and ugly Republican email the only response it truly deserved.

Yeah, what she said was vulgar. Right up front, in-your-face vulgar. But take a look at the responses she got from all you tolerant Republicans:  It starts off ugly, leads with the C-word and follows up with the B-word. Over and over and over again.

Now, it’s most definitely true that Professor Lewin shouldn’t have responded via her college email account. On the other hand, those ugly Republican emails shouldn’t be sent to her at her college email account.

And that brings me back to my original question:  you want tolerance? Then stop pissing us off so much. See? It’s simple:  stop being jerks. Stop telling lies. Stop accusing us of hating America. Stop repeating talking points so utterly ridiculous and so patently absurd that a smart 5 year old could spot the fallacies. Stop calling us ugly names. We aren’t Marxists. We aren’t communists. We aren’t union thugs or slobs. We’re your neighbors. We’re your child’s teachers. We’re the waitress at the coffee shop who knows that you like swiss cheese on your burger instead of American. We’re the guy down the street who gave you a jump when your car wouldn’t start, or the father of the kid who mows your lawn in the summer. We’re all trying to pay the rent, pay the mortgage, pay the car payment, buy our groceries and put braces on our kids’ teeth. We aren’t all that different than you.

And the ones who are telling you that are Breitbarting you. Think about it – and then, BACK OFF.


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  1. Posted by only (okuncut) on April 23, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    great blog love ur tweets


  2. Here’s an interview with University of Iowa Professors Timothy Hagle and Kembrew McLeod, Matt Sowada, the conservative co-host of the political talk radio show American Reason on KRUI, and Rod Sullivan from the Johnson County Board of Supervisors about Professor Ellen Lewin’s “F— You, Republicans!” email response to the University of Iowa College Republicans campus-wide invite for people to participate in “Conservative Coming Out Week.”


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