When did we become a nation of cowards?

I can’t help longing for a President and a Congress who are honorable and who truly work for WE THE PEOPLE.

Why is it that we are always told that we must consider not doing the right thing “because it’s not politically expedient” or “now is not the time because the country is divided”…

I know the country is divided. And I also know who divided it, coldly and cynically, and who continues to divide it today by keeping Americans ignorant and brainwashed because it benefits them and their agenda.

When our Founders fought the British for our freedom, they knew damn good and well that they risked death for treason – and they were willing to take that risk, because a free nation was worth it.

Courageous Democrats like FDR and LBJ are no more.

Now, we have meek little Walter Mitty-types who are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome like Harry Reid and, yes, as much as I hate to say it, Barack Obama – who believe that they’re doing the right thing by extending a conciliatory hand to the Republicans, while telling themselves that they are doing the gentlemanly thing and playing by the rules. And they comfort themselves by telling themselves and all of us that they’re doing what WE want.

And… looming on the other side of those conciliatory extended hands is a giant, yellow-eyed slavering, fanged and voracious monster just waiting to bite off and swallow whatever body part any Democrat dares to extend to it.

When did we become a nation of cowards?

Why are we all willing to say, “yes, George Bush and Dick Cheney did order the torture of civilians, and they did start a preemptive war on the basis of lies, and they did murder thousands of civilians in Iraq and blatantly disregard our law and the Constitution, but now’s not the time to go after them,” because …why? It will make some people angry?

We all know that torture is wrong. We all know that torture (waterboarding) has been considered a war crime for many years. We know that the US has prosecuted and imprisoned people for committing this very crime. Further we all know that Bushco ORDERED torture, because they have all admitted it. Publicly. Over and over.

Declaring our independence from England made lots of people angry. Freeing the slaves made a whole bunch of people really angry. Integrating schools pissed off a lot of people. Legalizing gay marriage pisses people off.

Should we not have done these things?

Doing the right thing, the honorable thing, is ALWAYS going to piss some people off. But it does NOT mean that we should not do it.

And the more time that passes, the harder it will be to actually do the right thing.

What’s next? The American Holocaust?


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