Newt Gingrich says Judge Sonia Sotomayor is a “racialist”

Why, Newt – how very gracious of you to not call her a “racist!”  Ever the old school gentleman, aren’t  you?

Uh…not. We aren’t buying it, Newtie. Perhaps you might get the point if I was to call you an “adulterist” – and then tell you, “Oh, no, I’m most certainly not calling you an adulterer!! Never! Why, that wouldn’t be nice!”

Get the point, Newtie…?

Split hairs much, Newt? Well, stop it. It’s ugly and stupid and we aren’t buying it. Any reasonably sentient human knows damned good and well that you ARE calling Judge Sotomayor a racist; British is still English, Newt. You ain’t foolin’ anyone, bub.

So, in that spirit, Newtie, I offer the following descriptive terms to be applied to yourself:  hypocriticist. Falsist. Lialist. Nincompoopist.

Have a nice day, idioticist.


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