These anti-abortion terrorists aren’t pro-LIFE.

They’re pro-BIRTH.

After the baby is born, they don’t give a damn about it. If they were truly pro-LIFE, they’d care about babies being born to abusive or crack/meth/heroin-addicted parents, or babies who suffer because their parents can’t afford medical care – even die of simple fevers, or end up brain-damaged. They scream, “So what if they don’t have insurance?? They should get a job!! Let them go to the emergency room! Not with MY money!!”

They don’t care about those babies once they go to school and sit in rotting classrooms with tattered textbooks and sit through classes hungry because their parents couldn’t afford to feed them. They scream, “Not with MY money!!”

They manage to find in themselves a bit of caring for these babies – once they’re old enough to join the military and go off and fight and die in their ‘war on terra’. Then they’ll put out a buck or two for a “Support Our Troops” magnet or bumpersticker – made in China, mind you – and slap it on the rear end of their Hummer or their Navigator, right next to their “Jesus Loves You” bumpersticker.

But when those valiant babies come home, missing eyes and limbs and parts of their brains, they don’t give a damn. Or when those babies who served their country so well come home as veterans and end up homeless, sleeping under bridges or in tunnels, drug-addicted and suffering from PTSD, they simply don’t care. When those babies are warehoused in a run-down, roach-infested VA hospital, lying in their own filth, they don’t care. When those babies can’t get the mental health counseling they need, and take their own lives, they don’t care. “They were weak,” they’ll tell themselves. “Not a *real* American! Good riddance.”

The only other time they care about those babies is if one of those babies murders someone – *then* they care; oh, yes! They demand that that baby be put to death by the State, or that it rot in prison with all the other filthy criminal babies who grew up neglected and abused, who dropped out of their rotting schools, who lived on the streets, who sold drugs because they couldn’t find any other job…who then become pregnant teenagers to start the pro-BIRTH cycle all over again.

Pro-birth. Not pro-life by any definition. No.

Sad, isn’t it?


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